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Handy tools for marketers and brand builders

It is important to us that you achieve the very best results from the marketing and communication devices Hutt River create for you. To help you with this we provide additional tools to guide you through every stage of the creative process, from writing your initial design brief to helping ensure your messages and visual signals resonate with your audience.


How to audit your brand

Feel like your brand says one thing but people are hearing something else? This brand audit tool is for you.

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Hutt River – Brand Audit touch points


How to write a good design brief

This handy guide on how to write a good design brief covers the key points involved in order to make this a seamless process for marketers. A well composed design brief will ensure you get excellent value for money and will avoid any miscommunications that can waste valuable resources further into the project.

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Design brief


‘Brand on a Post-it’ February 2016

Welcome to our very first ‘Brand on a Post-it’ blog.

Each month our Post-It posse seeks out the innovative, proven and sometimes funny things that underpin great brands. Then they condense it down into magic bites of brilliance that you can consume in less than a few minutes.

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Brand on a Post-it